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Software Integrations

Kiwi Konnect integrates with major industry-leading enterprise CRM, POS, and billing software services including RICS, CounterPoint by NCR, Rowan Billing, and Cortex EDI. There are also opportunities for other software integrations through a custom API.

RICS Software is a cloud-based retail POS and inventory management solution.  Their software enables clients to make smarter buying, inventory, and selling decisions while saving time, spending less, and selling more.

NCR Counterpoint is an all encompassing CRM enterprise software. It includes robust POS and  inventory management software, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

Rowan Billing is a private medical billing service that specializes in the delivery of rapid, customized medical billing solutions for medical practices and related businesses – big or small.

The Electronic Biller ® is a user friendly and free software package that provides all the billing needs for Healthcare Providers.

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