Cut your orthotic production time in
half without sacrificing quality or control

Form + Finish Orthotic Program

Your patients’ orthotics are delivered as custom-casted shells,┬áthen you get to finish them exactly the way you want.

Save Time

The most tedious steps of do-it-yourself orthotic production are done for you.

Maintain Control

Retain control over your finished product while complementing your craft with digital cast production.

Build Your Practice

Reduce your manufacturing time so you can see more patients and grow your business.

CAD CAM Technology for Orthotics

CAD / CAM 0.1mm Precision

We can calculate the thickness needed to meet your support rating prescription down to 0.1mm increments from 1.5mm to 7mm. Our closest competitor offers only 0.5mm increments in thickness.

The perfect orthotic shape and material thickness improves foot support and patient comfort. Our all-digital system also produces repeat orders with 100% accuracy, every time.

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